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Established in 2020 and was the brain child of Robert E Coleman. With his love of the Tiki Culture and an avid collector of Tiki Mugs he branched out to create his own line of Mugs and other goodies.

Initially the name "MugTiki" came to mind when trying to establish the brand, but eventually it became clear that MugTiki needed to turn into TikiStein, a play on words with both Tiki's as Steins and the crazy creatures that come from the deep dark depths of the creative mind.

As such, R. has turned into Dr. TikiStein himself, minus the labcoat.








On board with Robert has been the amazing Tom Thordarson (Thor), a brilliantly talented artist and creator well known in the Tiki and Art industries. His whimsical fantasy artwork graces many Tiki gardens. His visual story telling in his artwork is a true testimony to the sheer talent that his brain holds. Helped Design and Sculpted Frankenbob, Totem Bob and Sculpted Monkey Butt




Aside from Thor, a new comer to the Tiki-world, is Tiki-Val. She was big into the Rockabilly scene and being Hawaiian her love of the islands always remained strong. It wasn't until R. introduce her to the Tiki world that her brain exploded.  She now helps R. with graphics and design, becoming TikiSteins Igor (a role that she's proud of!) 

Currently we have a few mugs, and other tasty treats, on the slab that is currently being hooked up to tesla coils, so new creations will be coming your way... very, very soon.


Follow our Facebook page for updates on our creative endeavors and for information when our creations are about to come alive. 



3579 US 50 #110

Carson City, NV. 89701

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